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Inspire Eco Living With Natural Remedies

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Organic beauty is not an area in the beauty industry that had ever had much press, and even these days during an organic revolution, you wonâ??t find super budget eco brands with advertising funds big enough to rival the big names. This is why tales of organic beauty wonder treatments are filtering through from the press and products packed with natural remedies are getting the recognition they deserve.

Unlike a whopping 74% of commercial beauty brands; the typical essentials that fill up an average bathroom cabinet, organic beauty products focus on natural remedies, essential oils and botanical extracts.

Organic skincare products do not contain any of the nasty chemicals that slip beneath the radar in conventional beauty products. Things like carcinogens which are strongly linked to cancer cells and toxins which can harm unborn children and effect fertility are all spread onto the skin and massaged onto the face without a thought about what harm it could be doing. And these nasties can also be found in childrenâ??s skincare products with 70% of what is applied to the skin getting absorbed into the skin. There is also the fact that all of these products are washed away and can spread problems to the environment.

Living in a more eco friendly way doesnâ??t have to mean going without beauty products or dramatically altering your way of life. Small changes like switching to organic beauty and changing your cleaning products to non chemical ones which are based on natural remedies instead can really make a difference.

The fact that there are now so many organic skincare brands, many of which have been around for a considerable amount of years and now have refined ranges of organic skincare goodies infused with natural remedies and organic essential oils which are the most common base ingredients for organic skincare products.

Some examples of organic skincare products and other organic beauty products which people often do not realise are available are organic hair care products from serums to leave in conditioners and organic shampoo specially created for different hair types. You can buy organic skincare cleansers, organic toners, and also moisturisers which are geared towards anti-aging, oily or combination skin, even organic skincare ranges just for men.

There is also the homoeopathic side of organic beauty which draws upon inner beauty and good health. This might be natural remedies in the form of tinctures or tablets which are derived from nature and can be fantastic treatments for anything from the common cold to stress and anxiety issues.

Aromatherapy and massage is a further area which is inspired by natural remedies and an area which brings comfort to people in different cultures all around the world. Using organic essential oils in massage oil as well as organic beauty products and natural perfumes, the way nature can encourage eco living is inspirational.

Anne Marie Williams specialises in writing and reviewing organic skincare products.

Always at the cutting edge of natural & pure beauty, vision is to bring the expertise of the apothecary and a holistic approach to health and beauty to local people and their communities.

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