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The Green Office – Eco Friendly Tips for Work

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There are many areas of our lives where we are concious of the environment. Most of us recycle, switch the lights and appliances off when we are not using them and some of us have even traded our cars in for more economical models, However, there is one large area of our lives where many of us neglect to think about the environment â?? at work.

Many of us spend over eight hours a day at work -thatâ??s a third of our lives and yet very few of us take pains to ensure we are working in an  environmentally friendly way the same as we live our day-to-day lives.

For some of us, who work for an employer, we may feel it is not our responsibility but employers wonâ??t act unless the workforce adds some pressure to ensure the workplace is as green as possible.

And you donâ??t need to make big changes either. Simple things like ensuring there is somewhere to recycle all that paper you go through in the office or that when the last person leaves they ensure all the lights and workstations are turned off.

There are some great innovations out there designed for the green office too. Eco-buttons are a great way to ensure computers are turned off or are set to power saving mode when they are not in use. Whilst products like solar powered and water powered calculators are a fun way of ensuring the stationary we use isnâ??t environmentally damaging.

There are also professional energy monitors that allow you to monitor the energy consumption for the office. These systems can be monitored on-line and are not expensive or difficult to install and as they can save £££â??s off energy bills they will soon start to pay for themselves.

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in an eco office or other eco-friendly products.

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