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16+1/2 Brick Rocket Stove (17+1/2 with the backstop on top)

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Quick test of a 16+1/2 brick rocket stove, using three that have holes in them for the air venting. I actually have a 17th full brick on the top I was using to see if I could use it for a heat backshield on my pot. The nice thing about using the bricks is that I can pull it apart and transport it if needed. I basically wanted to have this set up and ready since its Hurricane season and who knows if one is gonna hit Houston or not. I figured being prepared was the better option, so here we go!!!


5 Responses to “16+1/2 Brick Rocket Stove (17+1/2 with the backstop on top)”
  1. chickenbonewatt says:

    Lol. You’re? now the third person to tell me that. Thanks!!

  2. crsbt says:

    that looks exact same to my first one ever
    love it? !!

  3. RangerRickFrost says:

    I count 17 & 1/2 bricks if there are two in the back! ;o) Love the 3 with holes… great way to get the air to? it! Gonna have to try this one out.

  4. chickenbonewatt says:

    Good call sir!! Lol.? I only threw that ‘backstop’ one on top because I had an extra, but did not put it in the count!!

  5. chickenbonewatt says:

    And I have adjusted the title accordingly, sir!!?

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